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Lonnie Gershfeld

Datanet Copier & Printer Consultants

18543 Devonshire Street #222

Northridge Ca 91324

818-886-0009 Off.

Years in business: 37

Company Description and Services: Datanet was started in 1985 with an idea, to provide a fully comprehensive, white glove, concierge service, for all your Copiers, Printers, and Multi-Function Machines, at very reasonable pricing. We offer a variety of services, where you can purchase the Machine outright, have a monthly lease to own or have a temporary monthly rent payment. (Perfect for the Entertainment Industry, for shows or movies – no need to buy & sell. It also works well for Contractors – We can set up machines on your job site. 90 day minimum, up to a year). 


Copier & Printer Services

Anyone can sell you a BOX, with a Copier or Multi-Function Machine in it. They don’t have to know the Industry or know how to Repair the machine. It’s all about knowing which is the best machine to match your specific needs and to compliment your other Copiers, Printers & Fax. Then, the key is to Buy from a company like ours, that can Service and Maintain your All of your Machines, with Prompt and Reliable Service.

You may want to do some research on the Internet. Check out what you think you like and get some pricing, especially on Used Copiers & Multi-Function Machines. DO NOT BUY YET! Call us, and we can let you know which machines work well and which machines cost the least to run. Then we can save you some money and you buy from a Local Vendor like us, who can take great care of you and give you warranty service. When you buy out of state, who knows what you will get? Is there a warranty? Who is going to service it for you? What if it is a piece of junk?

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