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About Us

Money Lead$ promotes the growth of business for its members through the exchange of leads, referrals and information. Money Lead$ encourages members to commit to working with each other and doing business with each other whenever possible.



Is open to any business person local to the Los Angeles San Fernando Valley who demonstrates a level of professionalism and integrity worthy of membership as reviewed by committee and the Board of Directors. 
Prospective members must submit an application supported by three letters of recommendation from clients or customers. The Board of Directors will review the application and either accept or deny admission of the applicant based upon credential.





Application for membership is based upon business category. The success of the business relationships fostered in Money Lead$ is directly related to the singularity of business type. Money Lead$ group membership requires only one business of one type in the member body.






The Strength of Money Leads is based upon the member active participation. Failure to attend three consecutive meetings in a row is grounds for termination. Failure to remit monthly dues in a timely fashion is also grounds for dismissal. Members must submit leads on a consistent basis. One lead per week, per member is suggested. Our member mission is to get to know each other, to learn about each other's businesses so we can recommend our own clients, friends, associates, and family members for services and products.



Money Leads meets every Tuesday morning, 7:15 at the Lovi's Deli, Calabasas Prospective new members are asked to contact one of our members, or our membership chairman and arrange to have a complimentary breakfast and introduce themselves and their business to the group. This is an excellent time to socialize, network, talk with our members, and expose your business or profession to our membership.

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