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Gina Lapiner

Certified Financial Planner

Edward Jones

26570 Agoura Road Suite #130

Calabasas, Ca 91302


866-430-7466 fax

Years in business: 30


Field Profession: Investments & Financial planning


Company Description and Services: 

As a pioneer in the financial services industry since 1989, I strive to provide my clients the answers they deserve to know. When can I retire, how much can I spend without running out of money, and am I saving enough? My clients choose to work with me because they want to not only see their money grow but understand what it means to them for retirement.

Business leaders in the community applaud my creative design of their business retirement plan options, offering solutions that offer substantial tax savings to them each year. 

Widows, divorcees and leaders of their family are guided by my advice about saving, spending, and how best to use social security benefits.

By saving early, children and grandchildren are sent to college by their families who saved for their college education early. 

All clients are engaged with monthly breakfast club meetings and seminars throughout the year. 

I work with each client to establish their goals with them and design a plan to reach those goals. My goals are their goals. 

I find great joy and satisfaction when a child goes away to school, when I retire a client, and when clients reach out to me after reaching a milestone that we established together. Outside of my children, my clients provide me my proudest moments in life.

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